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Member of World ORT (worldwide network for education and training acting in more than 100 countries/450 sites/more than 26 000 collaborators), ORT France is an NGO expert in innovative strategies involving ICT and is involved in research, consulting and technology services with more than 500 collaborators..

ORT France is fully engaged today in the eLearning strategy, which addresses the market of SME’s, training centres, institutions and unemployed people. By building with all the players involved in education and training we prepare the steps of a lifelong learning, skills acquisition and training for innovation. Countries, where ORT arranges training centre: North America, Canada, South America, Northern Europe, Asia and South East, Middle East, Africa and Australia.

ORT Innovation, the department of innovation of ORT France, and is an international consulting and research entity specialized in the management of technologies, innovation and education. It’s activity is organized along 4 pillars:

  •  R&D on the themes of technology, innovation and education;
  • Technologies and services for education;
  • Consulting and outsourcing services;
  • Consulting and training on its domains of expertise.

Its areas of competencies include serious games; social networking systems (designing and operating community platforms), decision making & crisis management; lifelong learning; social innovation (looking at technological usages that matter for the society).

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